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We are the only producers of chemical formulas in Central America

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Over the years, our goal has been to achieve sustainable agriculture in the region, with a priority focus on improving the quality of life of farmers.


Our products and services assure the farmer the best results efficiently and guarantee long-term yields.


We have a team of expert human talent in agriculture and industrial processes with advanced technology that guarantee productivity in the region.


Our experience in the field brings with it the commitment to offer a variety of products and services with the highest quality standards.

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Contribution to your crops

We have a wide portfolio of chemical formulas that meet the different nutritional needs of your crops and we offer phytosanitary products that give you maximum control and protection, thus guaranteeing a successful harvest.

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Control de plagas

Our clients

More than a supplier, we seek to be an expert ally for farmers. That is why every day we continue to innovate and provide comprehensive solutions according to the needs of your crops.

They have been good experiences with their products both in the nutritional part and in plant protection. The F.Q. 15-15-15 helps a lot with the development of crops

All Fertica products are of excellent quality since it meets all the needs that the crop needs for a good development of the plant and obtain a greater production

Ever since I remember my dad sowing we went to buy Fertica: everything he needed from preparing the land to seeing our harvest. And they were always good, by the way. I trust your products

Productivity stories

We pay Central American productivity

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The Fertica Formula

We provide an effective agronomic technical service to our clients throughout the region, according to evaluations carried out by specialized personnel and directed by experts in soils and agricultural economics.

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