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We have a wide portfolio of chemical formulas, which are elaborated under demanding international quality standards and with the most advanced technology.

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Acajutla Industrial Garden

It was inaugurated on April 11, 1964 and is located on a 25-block lot in Acajutlta, Sonsonate. The complex fertilizer production plant was installed with a capacity of 100,000 MT per year under the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) process; a Simple Superphosphate plant with a capacity of 30,000 MT and a Sulfuric Acid plant with a capacity of 15,000 MT.

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Industrial Garden Puntaneras

The inauguration took place on December 6, 1963. The plant was installed on a 60-block lot in Carrizal de Puntarenas, Costa Rica. It consists of plants for the production of chemical, liquid fertilizers and physical mixtures. Unloading and storage facilities for raw materials and finished product. Quality control laboratory. Maintenance workshop and administrative offices: Annual production capacity: 120,000 MT of chemical formulas 100,000 MT of physical mixtures 30,000 MT of liquid fertilizers Storage capacity of raw materials and finished product: 200,000 MT.

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Chemical formula production process

Each grain of the chemical formula is integrated by macro and micronutrients, among them: Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, Sulfur and Zinc, giving a homogeneous nutrition to the crop.

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Raw material

Synthesized chemical formulas are those that are obtained by deliberately executing chemical reactions between fertilizer raw materials in order to obtain a new compound with homogeneous characteristics and under strict quality control under international standards.


There are many advantages in the use of synthesized chemical formulas, one of the most important being the incorporation of vegetable macro and micronutrients, which guarantees that each pellet contains the same amount of nutrients while maintaining the homogeneity and quality of the product in the stages of packaging, transportation, handling and effective application in the field.


Our industrial complexes constitute the logistics center for the commercialization of industrial products in the complex that are Nitrogen Fertilizers, Anhydrous Ammonia, Sulfur, Sulfuric Acid, sacks for agriculture and other inputs for agriculture.

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Industrial products

We provide industrial products as raw materials and final products to sectors of different kinds. We operate the only sulfuric acid plant in Central America. We also sell anhydrous ammonia and sulfur for different industrial uses.