Our responsibility is the health of our clients and collaborators


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Grupo Fertica has implemented a strict protocol to prevent COVID-19 in all its subsidiaries. The objective is to protect all our teams of collaborators and clients.

We carry out prevention measures that comply with the recommendations of the Health authorities in imports and dispatch of orders scheduled at the Acajutla Industrial Garden and all our subsidiaries.

Among the actions carried out is the disinfection of boxes of phytosanitary products, taking the temperature at the entrance of offices, warehouses, placement of alcohol gel dispensers, logistics of scheduled deliveries.

We will continue to implement these measures in the imports and dispatch of orders scheduled in the Acajutla and Puntarenas Industrial Garden; agroguides and subsidiaries.

In this way, we guarantee that our collaborators and clients increase their protection against COVID-19.

It is time to unite for the food security of the region.