Together we will go forward


Day by day, our collaborators give their greatest enthusiasm and effort to continue working with our farmers throughout the region through our products and services, so that they can supply, produce and guarantee the food security of Central America.

Keeping your safety in mind, we have implemented cleaning and hygiene measures recommended by the local health authorities in all our subsidiaries, so that both employees and customers increase protection against COVID-19.

Therefore, we confirm our commitment to continue working for you by using the following communication channels to follow up on your inquiries or orders:

El Salvador

WhatsApp: 7055-8110/ Correo:


Oficina: 3297-7253 / Xela: 5819-1423 / Cobán: 3072-4757 / Retalhuleu: 4037-8269 / Escuintla: 4008-2281 / Puerto Quetzal: 4670-8418 / Chiquimula 995-8566.


Oficina: 2249-0766 / Puerto Sandino: 7833-8563 / Sébaco: 8786-0014.

Proagro Honduras

Oficina: 2556-7014 y 2556-6509 / Puerto Cortes: 2630-5281.

Costa Rica

Oficina Fórum: (506) 4035-3770 / Correos de servicio al cliente: ‎ ‎ ‎

Bodega Guápiles: (506) 2710-2436, correo: / Bodega San Carlos: (506) 2462-1080. Correo: ‎ / Bodega Cañas: (506) 4035-3755. Correo:

Proagro Panamá

Oficina: 774-6658.

We acknowledge all the people in the agricultural sector who with their work make it possible for many to remain protected in their homes without food supply problems. We invite you to follow the recommendations established by the authorities and maintain rigorous personal care for the benefit of your families.

We take this opportunity to thank our clients for their understanding of the measures implemented, as well as to recognize the effort and dedication of all Grupo Fertica employees in the countries where we operate, to face this situation.